Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Dumb Self

I am SO stupid.
Someone who lives in the room next door to me at the barracks asked if I could cover a CQ (Charge of Quarters - just means sitting at the front desk and being available to answer a phone... which, incidentally, is broken) shift for her tonight, so that she could go out. I ended up taking it. It was a four hour shift that lasted from 2000 hours to 2400 hours. About halfway through, the other soldier on CQ asked... "Who's supposed to relieve us?"
Me: Uhhhh I have no idea
Her: I know (insert name of one of my roommates here) was supposed to be on shift, but she traded...
Me: I'm usually on shift with her - awww fuck.
Yes, readers, I ended up getting an 8 hour duty because I don't remember things too well. I am a genius.
At least I will get recovery hours for this, and tomorrow is Sunday, so I can just sleep it off as much as I need to. Plus, I only have 2 hours left and I am only barely getting tired.
I'ma be ok.

But I did think it was rather rude of the gal whom I took the shift for to look at me like "it sucks to be you" when I told her the story of how I managed to wind up in this situation. I was just offering an entertaining story.

Also, eight people came into the company limping because they had been ice skating; another came back and told me that I should take life lessons from dogs. I was just like "go to bed (name of guy), you are drunk" Never thought I'd get to use that one on someone.

3/4 of my shift is over!

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