Sunday, July 14, 2013

There are no words.

The world is a very dark place today, indeed.
Friday the lives of many people were rudely interrupted by a loud sharp knock at the door. Reality was calling. The Good Lord called two angels home after their vehicle was hit by another driver who ran a stop sign. Some reports say that police suspect alcohol was involved.
Here's one article.
Cruel and ironic as life is, the other driver -the one who was in the wrong- survives, leaving my cousin and her four year old son dead, her two year old daughter in the hospital, and her husband -not to mention her parents and other family members- reeling.
All I can say is that I hope this woman who is responsible for the death of my family members is held responsible to the fullest extent of the law. I hope that when she gets out of the hospital she does some good hard thinking about the consequences of bad decisions. Nothing she can say or do can ever change the fact that Nickie will never again post encouraging comments on my Facebook wall, calling me her "sweet cousin" or that little Lex is gone, and it will most certainly not change the fact that Zoe now must grow up without her mother. How do you explain that to a little kid? How do you tell your baby girl that Mommy is gone and not coming back?
"Life is short, so love the one you got."
If there's someone you've been meaning to call, do it. Do it right now, wake them up, bother them at work, interrupt whatever you have to up make sure they know that you love them. Hug people as close as you can, as often as you can. There is no time like right now to start rebuilding old bridges.
Life is fragile and precious. Cherish it, because it can change or be lost in a single heartbeat.