Sunday, August 30, 2015

EPISODE 17 - Show NOtes

Watch It here

I know, I'm super lame. I'm getting there, I swear.

Sunken Treasure Shawl -  Is nearing the end. More than halfway done on the edging. Please visit Ravelry page for notes on how this shawl was constructed

Johnson Baby Blanket - The end is in sight on this one too. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...

Bandwagon Blanket - Only a drop in the proverbial bucket here, but I am still thoroughly enjoying it

Contrasty Socks - Don't judge me for casting on a different sock before doing the second of the purple ones from the last episode. I just needed a change of color on my needles, and it is MUCH easier to do a different sock than a different shawl.


I have forgotten to film spinning this week. Which means that next week I will have more to show you. I can't believe myself, I was just so excited about showing off the new yarn.


If you want contact information for the places I purchased things, Just give me a holler. I'm too lazy to link all the things, but I will get them in my stash page soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Episode 16 SHOWNOTES

Watch it HERE

The Vanilla Orchid Sock - Yarn Over New York

Sunken Treasure Shawl - This is my project for the FO And Dye Shawl KAL
Bandwagon Blanket - Everyone is doing one. Also, who wastes scraps?
Baby Blanket - Obviously it has grown a little bit. Will post new Rav pictures soon. But I HAVE TO FINISH before the beginning of October. Their baby is due the 16th of that month.

NONE, I'm a spinning loser, I know.

Koolaid yarn "Devin's Dreamie Dasies" Courtesy of @inkedindigo on instagram
100%merino, worsted weight.
new 5mm crochet hook to allow work on the granny blanket to continue
darning needles

Saturday, August 8, 2015

SHOW NOTES - Episode 15

Watch It Here!

INSTAGRAM: missydee1206
Search for the Ravelry group "The Unnamed Knitting Podcast Group"

NONE - I am basically the lamest. I blame Cast-on-it is

Cancun Lace Boxy Top
The Baby Blanket
The Bandwagon Blanket
Sunken Treasure Shawl

Peach Fluff
Another Butterfly bit

NEEDLE Adjacent
all the hats
possible dovetail wrap