Friday, October 4, 2013

don't mind me this is just another note to self

so right now I am watching Halloween Night Frights on TV, and it's about all these seem park that has this crazy stuff going on at Halloween.
what is the talking about now is called scarywood it is up in northern northern Idaho and it's basically like a  giant zombie war.
this place is definitely on my list of places that I need to be for Halloween one year it is definitely on my road trip list.

and then there's Phantom Fright Night in Philadelphia or near Philadelphia that I want to go to.

the only problem with all these parks and their zombie things is I feel like I wouldn't be scared of the zombies I would just get a flashlight out and shine it on the zombie and be like "whoa dude that's a really cool prosthetic" and like poke at it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This isn't really a real post. I'm just sitting here watching an infomercial for Insanity workouts.
I did them in phys ed class in high school, and I really liked it I lost weight pretty fast. It wasn't any like magical mystical snake oil program or anything its just a freaking work out I mean I lost about 5 pounds in 4 weeks and that's with probably 3 workouts a week. That's just one class period, a few times a week.
I really did like the program I've been thinking about getting it again. I'm super excited once I have the money freed up to get it done cause I really want to.
I mean I'm sitting here watching the infomercial and I really wish I had a hundred twenty dollars for it because I really really just want to get started I really want to do this.

So anyways, this isn't really a post, it's just kind of like a note to self.