Saturday, July 25, 2015

Show Notes - Episode 14

Watch it HERE

Hiatus Linen Cowl

Cancun Boxy Lace Top

Baby Blanket

Ruby Slippers are OVERRATED
Ice Princess

Butterfly Bits - Butterfly Girl Designs 

(My names for individual minis, not what Butterfly Girl Designs has named her fiber combos. These came in a pack of 11 diffewrent sample bits, and I have no real way of knowing what they are supposed to be.

for #foanddyeshawlkal

Terribly Simple by caitlin ffrench
Lion Berry
Regina Marie
The Age of Brass and Steam

No idea which yarn I want to use either.

If you have any ideas for incorporating lots of different colored small skeins of handspun into a shawl, let me know!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Episode 13 SHOWNOTES

Watch it here!

Linen Stitch Cowl (#hiatusKALforyourneck) (#oppositesKAL)
I am weighing the pros&cons of continuing on  with this or just binding off at the end of the next section to free up my needle for a project I started on a straight needle.

Cancun Lace Boxy Top 
No Pictures on the Rav page just yet; but I will add one soon, as I finished the front half shortly after recording.

Fractal Ply merino in sunset colors (wooly cupcakes by stefknits on Etsy)

I raked in a huge HURLL (for normal people, that's a haul) From The Knitting Fairy

Classic Elite Yarns Santorini: Colorway #2114 (Door prize from The Knitting Fairy Fifth Anniverseray Celebration)
Cascade 220 (worsted): Colorway 893 Ruby (Was for Steven, but he's decided that knitting is not for him, so I will be knitting something for him from it probably)
Cirvinia Forever: Colorway #72
Plymouth Yarns Toybox Collection Rainbow: Colorway 107 Raspberry Rainbow
US Size 6 (4mm), 60inch Circular Chiagoo Lace circular needle
US Size 11 (1.1mm) crochet hook (For beading)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Episode 12 Show Notes!

Find the episode HERE

Ravelry - DEVI0894
Ravelry group
Instagram - missydee1206

Rose City Rollers

cancun lace boxy top

Stefknits wooly cupcakes (Rainbow, unplied and the jewel tone rainbow ish one just started)
Maine Woods Yarn - first three plies of Maine Lobstah

all the misc yarn from my gramma
3 skeins of Cascade Sunseeker in the 27 - Limestone colorway

If I missed anything, feel free to convo me on Ravelry and I will let you know, and update the notes as quick as I can.