Sunday, February 17, 2013

It is 0027 hours

That's 27 minutes past midnight for all you civilians out there. I am sitting on cq (charge of quarters) duty for what will be 26 hours since Feb 2nd. I have another 4 hour shift tomorrow from 0400 to 0800, which I am also not looking forward to too much. But these shifts give me time to think about things. like.... just life. I'm currently working on reading a book called Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic, a man born with no limbs, just a little stub of a foot where his left leg should be, and two toes on that little stub. Yet he lives almost normally.
Obviously there are some things that he probably has to get help with: opening jars, doors, that sort of thing, but the man has an unshakable faith in God's plan for him, and the biggest can-do attitude of anyone I've ever seen. I first came to know of him by way of a short film that I watched in a class called The Butterfly Circus  Vujicic (Voy-a-chich) played the role of Will, a young man who traveled with a circus as part of a freak show. but someone sees the potential in him, as a person, rather than as a source of income for a traveling sideshow that exploits people for their differences. My teacher then went to show the class a video of Vujicic's  and there are many, many more like it including this one  where he is featured on Oprah Winfrey's LifeClass, and this one which contains excerpts from the original video I saw.
This man has every reason (to the eye of another person) to be dissatisfied with the hand he has been dealt, but instead, he thanks God for the opportunities he's been given. I haven't even read a full chapter of his book, and I know that if I could meet any one person on this earth, it would be him. Be angry about what you don't have, or be grateful for what you do have. That is a powerful message. In the original video that I saw, he purposely falls over and speaks about how if you believe you can't do something, you are absolutely right, and how if you give up when you fall down, you will never get up he then shocks his audience by getting up with no assistance except from a book on the table. That image stays on my mind to this day.
I hope that there is someone out there, reading this blog, looking for some small sliver of a reason to look up, to smile, and to carry on. To keep trying is the bravest thing one can do when you want to give up.
Nick Vujicic is living proof of God's existence in this world. He is a miracle sent to show people that all they have to do is want something bad enough, to try one more time when they think it's impossible, and maybe, just maybe, that will be that last push they need to succeed. I hope that if anyone is looking for a little inspiration, they come across one of Vujicic's videos, because it is truly some amazing stuff.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Dumb Self

I am SO stupid.
Someone who lives in the room next door to me at the barracks asked if I could cover a CQ (Charge of Quarters - just means sitting at the front desk and being available to answer a phone... which, incidentally, is broken) shift for her tonight, so that she could go out. I ended up taking it. It was a four hour shift that lasted from 2000 hours to 2400 hours. About halfway through, the other soldier on CQ asked... "Who's supposed to relieve us?"
Me: Uhhhh I have no idea
Her: I know (insert name of one of my roommates here) was supposed to be on shift, but she traded...
Me: I'm usually on shift with her - awww fuck.
Yes, readers, I ended up getting an 8 hour duty because I don't remember things too well. I am a genius.
At least I will get recovery hours for this, and tomorrow is Sunday, so I can just sleep it off as much as I need to. Plus, I only have 2 hours left and I am only barely getting tired.
I'ma be ok.

But I did think it was rather rude of the gal whom I took the shift for to look at me like "it sucks to be you" when I told her the story of how I managed to wind up in this situation. I was just offering an entertaining story.

Also, eight people came into the company limping because they had been ice skating; another came back and told me that I should take life lessons from dogs. I was just like "go to bed (name of guy), you are drunk" Never thought I'd get to use that one on someone.

3/4 of my shift is over!