Monday, September 30, 2013

No flag?

I am not usually one to point fingers, but I am certaknly not above gesturing in someone's general direction! :)

I was headed home from my morning bike ride today when I discovered that an establishment near the local gas station did not have a flag flying on its pole. The poor thing did not have a stitch of fabric on it!

I know it may not necessarily be any of my business, but I have made it my personal mission to make sure that this establishment get a flag for its pole. Because I have discovered I really hate naked flagpoles.

In fact, I have decided to wage a small war against naked flagpoles: the USO will send you a free flag with a donation of $30 or more, and I, paycheck permitting, want to donate in the name of, and send a flag to any company, group, or organization who needs a new or replacement flag.

If you know of an establishment like this, send me the name and address of the company, and a photo of the state of the flag, or the naked flagpole and I will do my best to get a flag to anyone that needs it at some point.

You can send this information to me via email at:
or you can donate and order your own flag here.
I look forward to your submissions!

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