Saturday, July 21, 2012

I just got the most amazing news of my life

This is drill weekend. Took the pt test today did okay, sat in a classroom and did paperwork, eh, mildly boring, then it was time for formation, and Blue Phase isn't doing pt tomorrow! #excitingg

(I know this isn't twitter, and I don't even tweet that much, I just like hashtags).

Although now that I think about it, sitting from 7am until chow is going to be a long wait.

In other news, my friend, Hannah (who shipped to bct almost a week ago), has been discharged due to a medical problem. Details aren't really my business, so I haven't asked, but she's expected to stay at Jackson for about two more weeks, so I may run into her, or maybe not, I'm not sure.

But in related news, I met the dumbest girl ever today (I'll explain the connection in a minute). She literally just enlisted, this was her first drill, and she was only there today. She leaves on Tuesday (the same day as me). I don't know her story, but she just tweaked every nerve every time she opened her mouth. She's not at all prepared for bct, but she gets to pack off to Fort Sill and have a whack at it.

But Hannah, who deserves to do this, who has worked her ass off to get a better mile time, getting up and running miles and miles while even I was still sleeping. She did everything she possibly could to get herself ready to kick ass and take names at Fort Jackson, but she has to turn around and go home. Not. Fair.

Also I hate fire ants. They make me itchyy. :(

And done guy tried to sell me this bearded dragon yesterday

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