Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well then.

I was wrong last night when I predicted that I was going to write about my boot camp packing list today, because something happened that was altogether not that annoying, but considering the person it involves, I'm pretty ticked off.
So let me give you two pieces of back story first: 1) the girl in question (let's call her Lauren, shall we?) is someone I considered to be my best friend in 7th-9th grade. However, we went to different high schools, so we grew apart, no biggie, it happens, but she changed, big time. 2) I posted a picture of the potato salad I was eating for dinner on Facebook and tagged my friend Hannah (who used to be my battle buddy at RSP), because we share a love of good potato salad. Lauren then decided to passive-aggressively post that no one actually cares about my potato salad. I responded with (what was meant as a friendly suggestion/nugget of common sense) "if you don't care, don't look" and then she and her friends got all uppity and started making sarcastic remarks at me. It's not like I took it personally, it's just that I find the passive-aggressive facebook posts to be irritating, and she's been getting on my nerves lately as it were.
I will conclude this post in a short letter to Lauren, because I really an done with her crappy antics.
So, it has come to this:
You irritate the shit out of me, you know that? You are the reason that I stopped wearing eyeliner and switched to waterproof mascara, you at the reason that I feel like shit about myself all the time. You never had a filter on your mouth- that one time I had a zit on the middle of my nose you called me Rudolph, and laughed when I got mad. I liked you because you were funny and confident and your mom was nice and you had great taste in books. Do you remember what a book is? But then you started hanging out with her. Don't get me wrong, I loved Mary as much as I loved you, but when it was the two of you together, you had no problem making me feel left out with inside jokes and talking about friends of yours that I had never met.
And you were so confident, you never played sports like Mary and I did, but you were just so... comfortable with who you were. But now.... I'm pretty sure you use some substances that aren't exactly legal, and you openly post about drinking and stuff, I guess this means that we are taking our lives in different directions. I will stick to my morals, and you will... do whatever it is that you do. You've hurt me too many times, plus you cussed like a sailor in front of my pastor grandmother. Good luck, but I'm not going to feel sorry when you get into trouble. Not one little bit, and if you have something to say to me, just do it, because I don't get all that offended, and you're much less likely to get embarrassed online that way, because I fight dirty these days.
So yeah that's pretty much it. Here's a couple Facebook images:

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