Monday, July 9, 2012

Okay, so... The packing list

Stuff... and things

Just kidding:
There are important things like soap and underwear, and toothpaste. However, that's the no-brainer stuff.

The important things are:
Baby wipes - because you don't always have time for a full shower between PT and your regular day.
Feminine hygiene products - duh
2 soap cases - one for actual use, the other for inspections
Deodorant that I know I can use - because I have a tendency to have allergic reactions to some deodorants
Sunscreen - because I'm freaking pale
Elastics and pins for my hair - you really can't have too many
Bandages - to cover blisters
Hair gel - so there are no flyways and nonsense.
I also bought some things called Qwikbuns. They're little contraptions that you use to wrap up your hair and make perfect buns, I'll let you know about them when they come in the mail.

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