Friday, June 29, 2012

Gah, I suck

So this post counts for the 28th, because I haven't gone to sleep yet, okay? Get over it.

If the lawn mower is a demon child of the power tool world, then our weed eater is like a crabby pageant child without the benefit of being pretty to look at.

It is nearly impossible for me to start it, it made me cry in frustration (which led to an emotional breakdown about pizza - not cute) and Mom actually kicked the darn thing, then got several blood blisters for her troubles.

So much for the whole "lawn maintenance" thing.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the health care bill is constitutional on the grounds that it falls under the congressional right to set taxes. Due to my employment in the military, I cannot technically oppose my Commander In Chief, so anything I say could be held against me regardless of the outcome of this election. On that note, I will probably not post any political opinions here until I am separated from the Army. At that time, I will probably post nonstop for a few days to release my stored up political steam. I may even write those posts out as they come to me, and upload them later.

No promises, there's not to much set in stone yet in my life. I like that for now.

Note to self, hire/bribe someone to dress up as Waldo at any major life event... Mega-Awesome (or is it mega-average?)

Plus my new favorite band is Hot  Chelle Rae  ("party on the rooftop to of the world"). I love themmmm and just about everything else that's not Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber or similar grossness.

Okay... talking too much... Good night!

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