Friday, June 29, 2012

I forgot to mention

I got the coolest graduation present ever on the mail yesterday. It's a display for challenge coins.

According to Wikipedia:  Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service members. In practice, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a memberof the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization.

One of the cadre at my RSP site once said that they gave out coins instead of actual awards, but I really like them. They look really nice on display, and carry some sentimental value for those who receive them.

There's some really interesting info in that wiki article, including how to use a coin to get free drinks, and TV shows such as NCIS and Criminal Minds that have featured the coins. (I love the Criminal Minds one).

You can buy them online, but it kind of send like something you should have to earn to me. But hey what do I know?

Anyways, my display looks kinda lonely with only my RSP coin on it, but the way I see it, there will be plenty more soon enough.

It's 10 minutes to midnight, and I've *really* gotta start getting up early. TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!

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